Overcome Fear and Self Doubt


I had been working yesterday afternoon on some new Internet projects and hadn’t seen the kids much (they were with the girls who help me at home).

I’d missed them.

So when I arrived home I bounced in the door and got them all excited to go to the pool for a swim.  I quickly grabbed their pyjamas and snacks, and bundled them all in the car.

On my way Ryan called me, and I enrolled him into meeting us there too.

We try to swim at least twice a week and it’s one of their favourite activities.  Having daddy there made it extra special.

After we’d had leisurely showers, snacks and giggles we piled into the car again and drove to the local chip shop for tea.

As I sat there munching my chips with my car full of happy little people, it hit me how astoundingly easy-going my life is.

It was 7.30pm and I hadn’t one single thought about making lunches for the morning or getting the kids home to bed for fear that they would be tired in the morning.

There were no negative feelings about how child tiredness would make the morning routine harder if they didn’t get enough sleep.

There was no reason why we couldn’t sit there outside the chip shop, for as long as we wanted.  We had no one to answer to, no school to get up for and no bedtime routine.

There was only pure, unadulterated freedom.  

Every day I let go just a little bit more.  

Free from the constraints of my own fear induced control patterns, I find myself relaxing into my new life.

My heart is lighter, my tone more loving, my nature more forgiving and my patience longer.

I am grateful that I finally had the courage to go after what I believed was right.

And I am grateful to all of you, who share in my journey.

Unschooler or not, what are your most grateful moments?  Please share in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Overcome Fear and Self Doubt”

  1. Hi I love that I found your blog and following your journey. Although I don’t home-school my kids and I know its not something I will do , I find your dedication and attitude to your kids an inspiration. It is refreshing to think about alternatives and following your heart in what feels right and wrong when parenting. Its so easy to fall into the run of the mill way of doing things. I like that now I am thinking in an alternative way! Cheers. Kathryn

    1. Kathryn thank you so much for your comment. I love that you are open to exploring new ideas for your kids, even if you don’t intend to do things the way I do. That shows a great strength of character. I can tell, just from what you wrote, that you are a superb mother. Thank you again for sharing. xx

  2. One of my favorite moments, is when Robert (9) tells me that he’s sooo thankful that I can stay home with him now, and that I’m teaching him everything he needs to know!!! 🙂

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