How To Make Money Whilst Homeschooling


One of the common misconceptions of unschooling is that is it permissive parenting.

Many people think that giving your kids freedom over their lives and choices somehow means that you will give them everything and anything they want… Not True!

In our house we try to give our kids as much real life reality data as possible, including the opportunity to earn their own money.

When they want to buy something, rather than give them the money or the thing, I do everything within my power to help them how to figure out a way to earn it.

Buying it for them is easy; helping them to figure out a way to earn it is much more effort, but so much more rewarding.

Click below to see how my kids earn money.


I’m curious… what are the ways you help your kids to earn money?  I’d love some more ideas so please let me know in the comments.

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Love Kim xo



4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Whilst Homeschooling”

  1. Hello Kim,
    I really love the way you are teaching your kids about the value of money and how to earn it. This is something that every kid should learn as early as possible. I am happy that you are teaching them about the benefits of entrepreneurship as well 🙂

  2. Hi Kim.

    My home educated girls are obsessed with earning money. They’ve organised craft stalls and car boot sales. Except for helping them set up on arrival I don’t get involved they take money and give change unaided. By the end of the day stall holders always give positive comments on their social or maths ability.
    The youngest one (9) is always looking for jobs online. She thought she’d found herself one the other day filling out surveys but unfortunately wasn’t to be,You have to be 14. No doubt she’ll find another way.

    Big respect for what your doing.

    Best wishes x

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