why I allow my kids to eat chocolate for breakfast

It’s true.  We have total food freedom in our house.

Our four kids (under the age of 9) are free to choose what they want to eat, whenever they want to eat it.

We don’t force them to sit at the table, eat at specific times, or eat their vegetables before they get dessert.


Well you’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Warning:  This video will make you think.  It might also teach you a thing or two about stepping outside the box with your parenting.

Love Kim xo

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How To Make Money Whilst Homeschooling

One of the common misconceptions of unschooling is that is it permissive parenting.

Many people think that giving your kids freedom over their lives and choices somehow means that you will give them everything and anything they want… Not True!

In our house we try to give our kids as much real life reality data as possible, including the opportunity to earn their own money.

When they want to buy something, rather than give them the money or the thing, I do everything within my power to help them how to figure out a way to earn it.

Buying it for them is easy; helping them to figure out a way to earn it is much more effort, but so much more rewarding.

Click below to see how my kids earn money.


I’m curious… what are the ways you help your kids to earn money?  I’d love some more ideas so please let me know in the comments.

Adios amigo

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A Sneaky Peak Into My Life

Last December I was driving my kids to a play date when my eldest son broke down into hysterical sobs.
He hadn’t been enjoying school for a while and was carrying round a lot of pent-up anxiety (unbeknownst to me).
So after lengthy conversations with a very sceptical Ryan, we took the drastic and life changing decision to school the kids at home.
I’m sure it is hard for most people to visualise a life without the routine and structure of school.
If you’re curious, then you’re going to LOVE this week’s video blog!
Click here to watch it now.
After you’ve watched it I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Do you harbour secret fantasies about homeschooling?  What is holding you back?
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Kim Constable Interviews Unschooling Guru Dayna Martin

Does being a parent often leave you feeling exhausted and worn down?
Do you sometimes wonder if there is a better, more gentle way to parent that still raises healthy, happy young entrepreneurs?

I know what it’s like…

A few short years ago I was stressed out, worn down and at the end of my emotional tether.  I knew that there had to be a better way to do things, I just didn’t know what it was.
I couldn’t get my kids to eat healthily, bed times were challenging at best and getting them out to school in the morning was nothing short of horrible!
Like you, I had a dream of living in harmony with my family.  I wanted my house to be a place of laughter, joy and balance.  A place where my kids would want to come back to; where we shared and loved and trusted each other.
As you likely know, I’ve now made each of these dreams come true.
And despite all the conventional advice, I didn’t have to give up anything that was important to me to achieve it.  
Please know that the reason I am sharing this with you is to let you know that:
  1. I understand exactly where you are and what you’re going through
  2. I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side
Because the bottom line is that I’ve done it and I know that you can do it too.

Dayna Martin, has flown all the way from America with her four children to share her experiences as an international unschooling advocate.

In this interview below she shares what the unschooling philosophy is, and why she believes in its power to change the way we parent and the world.
To find out more about unschooling, Dayna and PPNLC, simply click on the video below or on any of the links below the video.
Click here to buy tickets for the PPNLC event this weekend
Click here to visit Dayna Martin’s website
Click here to buy her book Radical Unschooling, A Revolution Has Begun
Click here to buy Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto
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Kim’s Blog : I Need Your Help

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Thanking you in advance.

And remember… You Matter To Me.

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Kim’s Blog : Why Every Busy WAHM Needs A Meal Plan

mum cooking

Someone asked me the other day how I find the inspiration to cook every night, with four young kids running around the house.

The answer is simple:  I use a meal plan.

When you are cooking for a family and trying to run a company, the importance of meal planning cannot be stressed enough.

Using a weekly meal plan will:

1.  Take the stress out of worrying what to cook each night

2.  Provide a healthy variety of food for your family

3.  Save you money

It need not be complicated either.  In fact, the simpler you can keep it, the better!.

Here are my top tips for creating a meal plan that works for your family:

1.  If you don’t already own some, buy a variety of recipe books that contain foods you like.

Scan eBay for second hand ones and look especially for ones that contain quick and easy recipes.  My particular favourites are Jamie Olivier’s 30 Minute Meals, anything by Rachael Allen, Darina Allen or Lorraine Pasqual.

2.  Sit down each Saturday or Sunday and choose which recipes you are going to cook for the week

When you buy specific ingredients for each meal, and plan what to eat with what, you spend much less money as very little is wasted.  Write the recipes on your wall calendar or in your online calendar.  It is especially good for older kids to see what they are eating each night.  Encourage them to make suggestions for the forthcoming week.

3.  Schedule time into each day to cook for the evening.  

Look at your calendar for the week and time chunk a slot to cook every day.  For me, this time is usually between 1-2pm when my kids come home from school and I am in the kitchen preparing lunch anyway.  It breaks up the day and the kids get to help peel and chop.

Happy cooking!

A Super Simple Business Plan for Work At Home Mums

Nearly everyone who knows their chips will tell you that you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a business plan.

In fact, the people who tell you that you must have a business plan, are usually the same people who will tell you that you MUST have a marketing plan.  And you know what?  In my experience, many of these people do not own and run successful, profitable businesses.

Business plans are a good idea.  I’m not here to tell you that they’re not.  But they are not the be all and end all of a profitable business. The sad state of life is that you actually have to DO the points on the business plan, to get anywhere with the damn thing.

The other problem with a business plan is that we don’t know how to do them.  We’re too busy changing dirty nappies and tackling mountains of laundry to think about learning how to do a damn plan.  It’s just one more thing on that huge list of things to do, that gets pushed to the side.

Do not despair: you do NOT need a super complex business plan to make a success of yourself.  Way hay!

Here are my top tips for creating a Super Duper Simple Business Plan for Dummies
1) Revenue Streams (AKA M.O.N.E.Y/moola/cold hard cash)

What are the different ways you could make money in your business?  How else could you create an income stream?  Write down all your ideas and then choose a couple to focus on.  Don’t try to be Wonder Woman.

2) Sales and Marketing

Most of us hate selling ourselves.  But let me tell you something for nothing:  if you have a great product or service that could make people’s lives a little bit better, then you’re doing them a dis-service if you don’t make it your goal to find those people.  Work out what you can afford to invest in marketing your business, and learn some off line and on line methods.  This might only be enough to buy you a book (check out anything by Seth Godin) to teach you about marketing.  But don’t skip it.

3) My Action Plan

  • Break down each revenue stream into actionable points.
  • Schedule these points into your daily diary.
  • Do them.


What Makes You Happy?

I spend a lot of time figuring out what makes people happy.   To do this of course, I start with myself and this is what I have come up with: Happiness begins with developing an understanding of true sources of happiness (family, love, connection, effort strategies and self-esteem) and then setting our priorities in […]

I spend a lot of time figuring out what makes people happy.  

To do this of course, I start with myself and this is what I have come up with:

Happiness begins with developing an understanding of true sources of happiness (family, love, connection, effort strategies and self-esteem) and then setting our priorities in life, based on promoting and nurturing these sources.

Being happy also involves an inner discipline.  

It is a persistent process of actively looking for destructive mental states such as anger, suppression, guilt and envy, and trying to replace them with positive ones, such as kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love.

When my behaviour matches my beliefs (when I act as my highest self), I feel content, sated and happy.

To achieve true happiness, I always look for what is good and what is right and strive to be the best I can be in every moment.

What are your happy places?  When do you feel at your happiest?

If You Want To See A Hint Of Your Future…

I found this picture on Tim Mushey’s blog and it reminded me of a quote by Tony Robbins which says:

“People’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.”

When I first heard this it really hit home to me as it’s similar to Seth Godin‘s philosophy of Tribes.  Basically, if you want to change your behaviour, you should also consider changing the people who you spend time with.

Kind of like when you start going to the gym and get friendly with some other people who are fit and working out regularly.  Just spending time with these people is usually enough to motivate you to think and act differently.

Or when your child starts a new school and suddenly all your chat is about education, and school committees and other parent related topics.

If you want to be successful in business, then actively seek out a new group of people to spend time with.  

People who inspire and motivate you.  People who make you raise your personal bar of success.

It is these people who will help you to make the mental shift that is necessary, to go the extra mile.